Removing My Mask

Are Restaurants Safe While Removing My Mask

Viral diseases like Covid, is contagious (spread from person to person) and is spreading swiftly, continuing to devastate the world and generation. The most common way of its cross contamination is by aerosolization of infected substance in the place or by direct contact from any person who is affected from it. It invades a person body and act like hijacker, start multiplication of its copies within the cell of human. With the increases in the multiplication process, the health system of human body goes down causing fatigue with the destruction of the immune system. So, understanding this disease and adopting precautionary measures are very necessary.

Mostly, this viral disease is spreading through restaurants, tables or touching the affected objects. When masks are removed from face for eating, virus moves into the body through mouth or nose and start its multiplication by becoming active. So, here the question arises should masks remove while eating in restaurants? The answer is Yes now, because we are struggling hard for the health of the generation. After huge efforts, we are launching a product that will prevent you from the viral diseases like Covid. 

Removing My Mask

The product is Pure Air Lightening. This product is manufactured by understanding the core cause of viral spread. It captures aerosol virus from the targeted location, when mounted above each restaurant booth or table it will provide protection to the customers when they will remove their masks. It’s very effective to stop spreading covid as mostly covid spread from droplets or aerosols. It has bacterial, viral, VOC, odor, airborne mold reduction power. It is scientifically proved and worked efficiently to provide better results. So people can enjoy their meals without the fear of covid or viral disease. 

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