Breakthrough Air Purification For Open Kitchen Restaurants

Breakthrough Air Purification For Open Kitchen Restaurants

The Covid 10 pandemic has increased awareness of restaurant air quality among patrons, making it a high priority project for high end open kitchen restaurants that want to remain competitive. Installing a pollution control device can prevent smoke in the kitchen from spilling over into the dining area, ensuring a comfortable and attractive environment for customers and complying with federal, state and local requirements for ventilation standards. PURE AIR LIGHTING is a technological breakthrough that integrates air purification into your lighting design, making it possible to achieve air purification results at a fraction of the cost of traditional installations. 

Illumination That Cleanses

The Center for Disease Control (CDC,) recommends that restaurants install air purification to improve air quality and reduce the spread of disease, but doing this economically is a challenge for restaurants still recovering from the impact of closures and capacity restrictions. PURE AIR LIGHTING makes reducing kitchen smoke and other contaminants in the air practical by integrating HEPA filter technology into lighting fixtures that can easily be installed at your location. Most commercial air purification systems are heavy, bulky and require breaking walls and ceilings, making installation extremely expensive and burdensome. We’ll show you a new way to cleanse the air and brighten your space that doesn’t break the bank.

How To Create A Fine Dining Atmosphere

According to the National Restaurant Association, open kitchen restaurants continue to increase in popularity, especially for Korean, Japanese and Chinese cuisine.
In order to enjoy the experience, owners must make sure that kitchen odors from oils and peppers don’t permeate the dining area, causing coughing, tearing eyes and other unpleasant conditions. The PURE AIR LIGHTING SYSTEM is especially helpful for restaurants with tabletop cooking, with the option of providing a lighting source and ventilation immediately above the table. The light/purifier takes in air from the bottom, ensuring the highest quality air for diners below.

Limitless Custom Design Options

One of the greatest assets of the PURE AIR LIGHTING system is its ability to accommodate a wide range of custom design options. For example, a large light with ventilation in a food prep area should remove a majority of the oil and smoke from the air, but this can be enhanced by using smaller lights above each table or grouping of tables. A bar area can be enhanced with a row of pendants, large tables can have statement lights or cozy corners can integrate soft lighting. The customization options are virtually endless as PURE AIR LIGHTING can be integrated into virtually any type of lighting design. Draw us an idea on a napkin, and we’ll try our best to make your vision come to life. 

Hospitality Of The Future

Behind the scenes, the PURE AIR LIGHTING SYSTEM ensures high quality, while keeping costs down, by using a fixed set of standard components and preconfigured assembly protocols. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant, renovating an existing establishment or simply want to add lighting and air purification, we’ll work with you to find a cost effective way to achieve your goals. According to Rick Houston, author of Restaurant Air Quality In a Post-Pandemic World, the restaurants that will be most successful going forward are the ones that use high tech solutions to clean the air. The three most important methods are:

  • UV-C Light that kills germs and viruses;
  • HEPA filters that trap 99.99% of particles that are larger than .3 microns and
  • Carbon Filters that retain odors that would otherwise foul the air in restaurants.

Cost-effective solutions, such as the PURE AIR LIGHTING SYSTEM, will empower restaurant owners to install these needed enhancements in their establishments.

The Open Kitchen Restaurant Solution

If you’re the owner of an open kitchen restaurant, you need an air purification system that can get rid of smoke from cooking before it gets in your customer’s eyes, without breaking your budget. The PURE AIR LIGHTING SYSTEM will add visual appeal to your open kitchen restaurant, making it possible to achieve the goal of fine dining while breathing clean air.

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